Why online reputation is critical

Whether your business is just starting out or is large and well established, whether you have one location or many, the fact is your customers are talking about you online. The large impact of these online conversations cannot be underestimated. The viral nature of current information is drastically able to create or destroy reputations built up over decades, in an instant. 

Your online reputation is a very real phenomenon and a reflection of your overall brand and business health. Your online reputation further is an indicator of future potential growth and success. This is why Online Reputation Management is so critical.

And the stats prove it:

86% of consumers look online for reviews before they call you or fill out a form on your website. 


A recent study by the Spiegel Research Centre revealed that businesses with good reviews, their conversation rates increased by up to 380%. 

Buyers are self-directed, highly informed and comfortable making fast decisions based on online information available to them. And the fact is that the perceived most valued sources of information is user-generated content, in other words what others are saying about you in reviews and on social media, and how they rate you online. If the potential customers don’t like what they see, they’ll move on.

Customer Reputation Management enables businesses to leverage consumer-brand interaction data to drive improvements in reputation and customer experience.